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True Confession Tuesday: Plastic Polly and Mama Guilt

True Confession Tuesday is where I occasionally post about the things I think or do–but rarely admit to. In Plastic Polly there’s a small subplot between Polly’s mom and Mrs. Huff, the mother of one of Polly’s classmates. The tension … Continue reading

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True Confession: Why ‘Good Enough’ is More Than Enough for me

In my latest book, my main character Polly tries to tailor her personality to fit others’ expectations of how a popular girl should dress and act; behavior that’s earned her the nickname PLASTIC POLLY. Polly starts off each chapter with … Continue reading

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Mama Writers and Guilt

Last week my younger son started Kindergarten. He did great–I, on the other hand, had to hide behind my sunglasses and try to wait until I got back to the car before losing it. But once I got over saying … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Moment

Recently I went on a walk with my younger son. He has been earning money this summer doing chores and extra homework (yes, I pay my kids to do extra homework), and he decided he wanted to spend some of … Continue reading

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