Spring Is In the Air

I woke up yesterday morning feeling antsy, and not wanting to resume my normal  breakfast maker/shoe and jacket finder/carpool driver/Mom-of-all-trades routine, trying to squeeze in some writing in between it all. I realized that one year ago this week my husband and I were on spring break and traveling to Boston to explore New England, walk the Freedom Trail, and fulfill my husband’s childhood dream of watching the Red Sox play at Fenway Park.

On this trip I also discovered the best journal/notebooks ever–and made my husband walk an hour in the rain for a second trip to the bookstore because I decided I didn’t buy enough of them the first time. I also took tons of notes on my secret writing project that shall not be named.

I’m looking forward to spring break again this year, even though we don’t have something as exciting as a trip to Boston planned. What about you? Are you itching for spring break, or just a vacation in general? What do you have planned?

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