Red Hots, Popcorn & a Mother Daughter Book Club

Writing is a solitary act. I write the words, build my characters, then send my work out into the world. Like most writers, I hope that there will be readers who find my books and connect with them.

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you an email that I received from a librarian in the Chicago-area. Her mother/daughter book club read Seeing Cinderella, used my questions from the discussion guides, and had a really creative meeting. It absolutely made my day and gave me fuel to keep writing as I’m wrapping up the first round of edits on The Princess in the Opal Mask (It’s my goal to be done by the Super Bowl, so I have less than a week). Thank you to the mother/daughter book club for making today so bright, and for allowing me to share your sweet message and photo too. I’m so glad you loved the book!

Seeing Cinderella Book Cover“My mother daughter book club (5th/6th grade girls) met last night to discuss Seeing Cinderella.  We LOVED the book and had terrific conversation.  I used many of your discussion questions.  Most telling was the opinion of most girls that they would wear the glasses, while most mothers would not. While talking we enjoyed red hots and popcorn for sustenance. Finally we had a great time making our own glasses out of pipe cleaners. Attached is a photo of the girls in their glasses. We’d be thrilled if the photo was posted on your Seeing Cinderella photo wall. All mothers gave permission for that use. We’re looking forward to Plastic Polly.”

Isn’t this great? I love how they ate popcorn and red hots too since those are both Callie’s favorites in the book!!

A group of 5th/6th grade girls who read Seeing Cinderella

And for the record, 7th grade me would absolutely WANT to wear the magic glasses…but thirty-something me is quite happy not to know what everyone is secretly thinking.

This is the most creative way that I’ve seen a book club use Seeing Cinderella. Have any other suggestions? Post them in the comments!

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5 Responses to Red Hots, Popcorn & a Mother Daughter Book Club

  1. Heidi says:

    That is so fun!

    I think it is fascinating that the girls would generally wear the glasses and the mothers would generally not. What an interesting thing to think about!

    • Heidi- Yeah, I definitely have to agree with the mothers on this one: No on the glasses. If you could’ve read my thoughts this morning when I was dragging my kids out of bed to go to school, I’m not sure you’d still like me! :0)

  2. I love this picture. It’s good on so many levels. It must feel so good as an author to get bits of encouragement like this.

  3. Sarah says:

    What fun! This is such a cool “thank you!” And they clearly all have an eye (or two… or four) for fabulous writing. 🙂

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