Plastic Polly Releases Today (with a 2-book Giveaway)

Today Plastic Polly releases out into the world! It’s my sophomore novel, which makes me think of my sophomore year of high school, which inevitably reminds me of all the time I spent driving around in my friend’s car listening to Nirvana, but that’s another story…

It’s a surreal feeling to walk into a bookstore and find not one, but TWO books with my name on the shelves. It’s a blessing, and not one that I take for granted.

Plastic Polly and Seeing Cinderella Book Giveaway by Jenny LundquistI plan to celebrate with friends and family this weekend at the launch party, but for today, I’m offering up a copy of Plastic Polly AND Seeing Cinderella to one lucky winner.

The Giveaway: I like to keep things simple, so to enter just drop a comment below telling me something you remember from your sophomore year in high school (or whatever school memory you’d like to share if you haven’t reached the tenth grade yet). The giveaway closes at midnight on Tuesday, March 26th, and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, March 27th.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and friendship. I definitely worked hard to write this book, but I couldn’t do this without the love and support of so many. Sincere thanks everyone.

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