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Writing By Firelight

Last night I discovered a new tool: Writing by firelight. I’ve had this section of my WIP that I wanted to rewrite, but haven’t been able to find the right words. I’ve tried different strategies: timed writing, daydreaming, clustering, I’ve … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Editorial Letters

Lately I’ve gotten a couple of questions about editorial letters–those pesky little (and sometimes, not so little) letters writers receive from their editor requesting revisions to their book after the publisher has purchased it. (Or, if the book sold as a proposal, after … Continue reading

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My Secret Project

One of the most common pieces of writing advice I’ve heard (besides write what you know) is write what you read. Pick a genre. Stick to it. Build a brand. But for me, this has always posed a problem. I … Continue reading

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Why I Write

Last week my “baby” graduated from preschool.  I passed another milestone last week as well: I’ve now been writing for five years. Both events got me to thinking. I always liked writing when I was a child, but I never … Continue reading

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Spring Is In the Air

I woke up yesterday morning feeling antsy, and not wanting to resume my normal  breakfast maker/shoe and jacket finder/carpool driver/Mom-of-all-trades routine, trying to squeeze in some writing in between it all. I realized that one year ago this week my … Continue reading

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Why I stopped wearing glasses

I am frequently asked where I got the idea to write a book about a girl who receives a pair of magic glasses. There are several answers to this question, but the initial idea was based upon an embarrassing experience … Continue reading

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Big Announcement

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! After months of waffling I’m finally taking the plunge into the blogosphere! For the last five years I’ve been writing fiction whenever I could squeeze the time in—before the kids woke up, nap time, … Continue reading

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